Hey there, my name is maique.

A long time ago I registered this domain, and it hosted a blog for a while. It was my first domain. At the moment it has a couple of emails still attached to it, emails I’m trying to deactivate, but I wasn’t using it for anything else.

So… new playground! Yay!

I tweet. Maybe too much.

Occasionally I’m also a photographer. Some shots are up on flickr.
There’s also an instagram account.

If you’re looking for an official site, there’s one at maiquemadeira.com.

You can also follow me on Micro.blog.



Looking for a simple, responsive, theme for your Jekyll powered blog? Well look no further. Here be So Simple Theme, the followup to Minimal Mistakes — by designer slash illustrator Michael Rose.

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If you enjoy the content I’m sharing, either here or on the photo social sites, feel free to help support my extravagant lifestyle.

You can do it in a couple of places.

I will thank you forever.