by maique



I’m a screenshot addict. I am. Not sure if that because I’m a photographer, used to shoot everything as a sort of life’s notebook. I see screenshots also as shots of our online lives, notes of things we see on the web.

I loved and used a lot of apps to screenshot stuff on the Mac (I still remember pre-Evernote Skitch!), and then moved to the native macOS tool. Thousands os screenshots live on my computer and iPhone.

Then I started using YourStack and my life took a turn to the worst. Now I must have ALL the apps on the site, all of them seem Must Haves. Sadly this comes at at time when money is a bit shorter, so I have pick them carefully.

But then I saw Chris Messina’s comment on ClearShot X and it took me a whole two minutes to get my card out and purchase this one.

A quick visit to Clear Shot’s site, and I was sold.


A lot of features to love, and still a lot to discover.

Cleanshot Cloud will save your screenies for a month (unlimited will come later with a Pro subscription) and you get a sharable link for those. Scrolling Capture for those times when the thing you’re screenshooting needs some, well, scrolling. And so much more…

Maybe watch the video:

I’m sure you’ll be sold too.

ClearShot X