by maique



I’m weak. I am.

When I heard about a new iconfactory app, I knew had to try it. Even better, a note taking app? A tiny companion for small bits of text that keep showing up all through the day, and always end up cluttering a text editor, or a notes app.


I used for some of them, also a huge page on Sublime Text filled with disconnected bits of information, or a ton of notes on Drafts. It wasn’t the best way to do it, but I move a lot, and sometimes I open an app that’s been sleeping for months (I’m talking to you, Bear!) and discover my long lost notes!

So I decided to start using Drafts for everything, but felt I needed an app that would work as a sort of, and forgive me here, Post-it (TM) notes: a place where I could paste a quick link, a snippet or a quote, and then decide what to do with it.

As they say:

An elegant, simple way to collect & edit text on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

I downloaded the macOS version, and started using it. It looked amazing. Simplified Markdown, or rich text, and you get to pick the font. That’s all.

My first Tot (is that what they’re called?) was a tag list for a Flickr. I organize Flickr on the Mac, and having a handy list of tags is a must for me. I’ve used a Sublime Text file for this, backed up on GitHub for good measure. This way seems easier. The tags are always a keyboard shortcut away.


Then I needed a place where I could store a 280 character “Fuck You” string to reply, occasionally, to Donald “The Orange Asshole” Trump. That has quickly became my favorite use of Tot. It might be sad, but sad times require sadder solutions!

Other stuff comes and goes, which is how the app should be used. It’s there then I need it, no friction. Most of the times it serves as an inbox for Drafts, truth be told.

The app comes in both iOS and macOS versions. The pricing took a while to digest. macOS version is free, the mobile costs around €20.

I was perfectly fine with the free Mac app, as most of these activities are accomplished on the desktop, and the longer lasting notes end up on Drafts anyway, and that one has perfect syncing. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the iOS version, and how cool that icon would look on my iPhone.

Yes, again, the icon did it!

So I drank a couple of beers and pretty soon I was getting the iOS app. Welcome, Tot Mobile.

A couple of weeks in I feel I’m not using the mobile version as much as I should, but that icon still looks damn good! I still use it store that special tweet template, but little else.
There’s no presence on the system share sheet for now (please please), so getting text into Tot is a hassle, the copy/paste routine gets old real quick when all other notes apps do it, and Drafts is superb on that front.

On the Mac I’m a daily user. I still need those tags, and at least a couple more links and snippets a day.

Try it. Maybe you’ll like it.
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